Error attempt to write a readonly database svn add

Because the code coverage information is associated with compiled functions, code coverage information is not available for load-time toplevel expressions. You can fix the SD card in a different computer. Note that calling this function does not affect regular coverage data whereas calling ccl: You can place initialization expressions in this file, and use it to customize the behavior of the Lisp system when it starts up.

Static variables therefore provide a simple way to share mutable state across threads. If the prepended file is execuatable, its execute mode bits will be copied to the output file.

Returns the snapshot saved in pathname.

sqlite[S8]: attempt to write a readonly database

I made my own script for this purpose, though. Examples of commonly-user macptr objects are Cocoa windows and other dynamically-allocated Mac OS system objects.

Web SQL Database

This is used to further group devices together. Using save-applicationyou can create a file that contains a modified image, one that includes any changes you've made to the running Lisp system. The above will output: Running totals of the total cost and taxes are kept; these are displayed at the end of the benchmark for verification.

Because a macptr object is a pointer into a foreign heap that exists for the lifetime of the running Lisp process, and because a saved image is used by loading it into a brand new Lisp process, saved macptr objects cannot be relied on to point to the same things when reconstituted from a saved image.

Vectors created by map-file-to-ivector and map-file-to-octet-vector are required to respect Clozure CL's limit on the total size of an array. Alternatively, if you choose not to prepend the kernel, you can save an image and then later run it by passing it as a command-line parameter to the ccl or ccl64 script.

Apache does all the authentication, and it CAN do authorization as well. If set, then every word in the argument is replaced by the value of the reading if such a reading for the current device exists. Basically after boot or wifi re-connection, RPi connects to my server and starts reverse-port-forwarding so I can access RPi from my server.

Once the image is fully restored, the Lisp system is running. Now I want to configure SVN as follows. For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration.

August 27, at 1:. On Thu, 16 JanOlivier Berger wrote: > Are you suggesting that this wouldn't happen if we configured the SVN > repos differently, i.e. is only a side effect? > > Can you elaborate on the enable-rep-sharing = false?

Analyses 🔬 Spike Demand Pool Comparison. Analysis of HikariCP v, in comparison to other pools, in relation to a unique "spike demand" load. The customer's environment imposed a high cost of new connection acquisition, and a requirement for a dynamically-sized pool, but yet a need for responsiveness to request spikes.

Using my Django app, I'm able to read from the database just fine. When the application didn't have permission to access the file, it gave me this error: attempt to write a readonly database Wh. I have a SQLite database that I am using for a website.

The problem is that when I try to INSERT INTO it, I get a PDOException SQLSTATE[HY]: General error: 8 attempt to write a readonly databas. Jan 21,  · The file “” will most likely have wrong permissions like the group not having write access to the file.

A simple chmod g+w on Menu Skip to content. What operating systems does Subversion run on? ¶ All modern flavors of Unix, Windows, BeOS, OS/2, macOS.

Subversion is written in ANSI C and uses APR, the Apache Portable Runtime library, as a portability layer. The Subversion client will run anywhere APR runs, which is most places.

Error attempt to write a readonly database svn add
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