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27th Amendment or Bust

Watson says the amendment took over his life for the next ten years. The proposals went next to the Senatewhich made 26 substantive alterations. Both the textual and the structural concerns that underlie Article V had been satisfied. Had she ever said anything about the lousy grade she gave him.

Only 38 states were needed in order to ratify the 27th Amendment. Gloss that there is an implicit statute of limitations in all legal transactions, and that Constitutional amendments should be no exception.

He wrote letters to state officials, and the amendment was ratified in Maine in and Colorado in Kansas was to be the deciding vote. And Congress voiced its support of the amendment in a near unanimous vote. And Congress voiced its support of the amendment in a near unanimous vote.

The story appeared a magazine called State Legislatures, and an official from Wyoming, reading the magazine, confirmed 27th amendment paper state had ratified the amendment, too, six years earlier. Could this horrible old amendment, to which Congress attached no time limit for its ratification, be resurrected and ratified in the future simply by state action and with no new attempt to get two-thirds of both Houses of Congress to ratify it.

Watson was a sophomore at the University of Texas-Austin in and he needed a topic for a government course. He was sitting there the whole time. However, there does exist a case that was heard back in that tackled the issue of an amendment not having a specific ratification date, similar to the process in which the 27th Amendment had been tied up.

Some subsequent constitutional amendments have provided for such time limits. Plaintiff — A person who brings a legal action against another person or entity, such as in a civil lawsuitor criminal proceedings.

He laughed, and said that a reporter had tracked her down, and told her Watson had gotten the Constitution amended. But the First Congress, which had passed the Amendment inhad not attached a time limit within which the Amendment had to be ratified by the states.

The registrar approved a grade change to "A", because the university does not give grades higher than "A".

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Rather, he is a person who sincerely believed this amendment, if ratified, would improve the Constitution in just the manner the First Congress had sought. Delayed Ratification Despite the fact that people were worried about the power that Congress had insofar as being able to set its own salary, the states ultimately ratified the amendment in bursts, starting with only six of the states: That year Gregory Watson, a sophomore at the University of Texas, was assigned to write a paper about a government process.

The Interactive Constitution is being developed over the course of the next two years. Intwo states raced to be the 38th state to sign off on the 27th Amendment, making it a law. He wrote his paper on the idea that, because the amendment did not have an expiration date, it could still be added to the Constitution if the required number of states agreed to ratify it.

On September 9,the Senate approved a culled and consolidated package of twelve articles of amendment. In the nineteenth century, one state joined this small group, and others in the twentieth, but no one thought it was going anywhere—or thought about it much at all.

Watson was also an aide to Texas state senator Ric Williamson. The main objection that has been made by scholars to the legality of the ratification process of the Twenty-Seventh Amendment is that Article V contemplates some kind of simultaneous approval of a proposed amendment between when Congress votes on it and when three-quarters of the states ratify it.

Congress passed the Twenty-Seventh Amendment by a two-thirds vote of both Houses, inalong with eleven other proposed constitutional amendments the last ten of which were ratified by the states inbecoming the Bill of Rights.

Michigan's ratification on May 7,provided what was believed to be the 38th state ratification required for the archivist to certify the amendment [5] —Kentucky's ratification having been overlooked. The reason why it took so long for the amendment to be ratified was because the Supreme Court had previously held that, if an amendment did not have a specific date by which it had to be ratified, state legislatures were permitted to approve the amendment at their leisure.

Therefore, the Court decided Congress was the only body with the authority to decide this issue. Watson researched what became the 27th Amendment and found that six states had ratified it byand then there was little activity about it. Infive states passed it, and bythe 38 states needed for full ratification had all passed the Amendment.

He got a C on the paper.

The Strange Saga of the 27th Amendment

Supreme Court play in passing on the validity of the ratification of constitutional amendments. In Congress gave itself a pay raise. There was an Article V consensus in to ratify this most unusual amendment. Following a vote in Congress on May 20,it officially became the law of the land.

Twenty-seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution

Ratify — Give formal consent to something, thereby making it official. In the meanwhile, the interpretation below is supplied by the Annenberg Classroom. So instead, he proposed that an election had to happen before any pay raise could take effect.

Twenty-seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution

The Twenty-seventh Amendment (Amendment XXVII) In the paper, Watson argued that the amendment was still "live" and could be ratified.

On May 19th,the 27th Amendment's certificate of ratification, signed by the Archivist of the United States on May 18th. The 27th Amendment is the most recent amendment to the Constitution, and its existence today can be traced to a college student who proposed the idea in a term paper and was given a.

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The ratification of the 27th amendment can be traced to a college student who proposed the idea in a term paper and was given a C by his professor for the idea. The 27th Amendment is the most recent amendment to the Constitution, and its existence today can be traced to a college student who proposed the idea in a term paper and was given a C by his professor for the idea.

The Twenty-seventh Amendment (Amendment XXVII) wrote in his college term paper that the amendment could still be ratified. Certification of the 27th Amendment at National Archives Online Public Access; The Unlikely Story of the 27th Amendment. 27th Amendment paper. Topics: United States  The 27th amendment is very unique in that it took about years from the date that is was proposed to the date it was officially ratified by the states.

The 27th amendment has to do with pay raises or decreases for the members of Congress. Changes to the Congressional pay are supposed to.

27th amendment paper
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